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Hi my name is Radha​. I'm a qualified Midwife and self confessed tea addict (got to be Yorkshire tea though!). I'm a Sheffield girl born and bred but now an honorary Rotherhamite since meeting my husband and moving there 13 years ago. I'm also mummy to a wild and wonderful little boy who keeps us on our toes.

I qualified as a midwife 6 years ago and have worked in various local hospitals and more recently in community. My passion is antenatal education and helping women and pregnant people to learn about their body, how it grows and nurtures their baby and to help them prepare for a positive and personalised birth experience, including elective caesarean birth. I am also an antenatal teacher with the Real Birth Company and enjoy being able to provide workshops and 1:1 sessions using the most update knowledge and research available. 

I am also an accredited 3 step rewind practitioner with Birthing Awareness.  I felt motivated to complete this training  as I've cared for so many people who are deeply affected by negative memories from their labour, birth or early days of parenthood, all of which impact on their heath, their relationships and the bond with their baby. Too often these people don't know where to turn or are falsely diagnosed with postnatal depression and offered medication without having the opportunity to explore the root of the problem and have the opportunity to heal. 

In my experience Yorkshire folk are the salt of the earth and I am so happy to be a part of helping them on their positive journey to parenthood. Actually, I think there's a little bit of Yorkshire in all of us. So i'll put the kettle on and lets have a chat about what's on your mind. 

Radha x

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